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Barber Shops Locations in Alpena , MI

Arcade Barber & Style Center  Map and Directions

Arcade Barber & Style Center

Arcade Barber & Style Center
189 N State Avenue
Alpena , MI

Arcade Barber & Style Center locations


Barber Map and Directions


6530 Indian Reserve Road
Alpena , MI

Barber locations


Jerry's Barber Shop Map and Directions

Jerry's Barber Shop

144 S Second Avenue
Alpena , MI

Jerry's Barber Shop locations


John's Barber Shop Map and Directions

John's Barber Shop

409 W Chisholm Street
Alpena , MI

John's Barber Shop locations


Profiles Plus LLC Map and Directions

Profiles Plus LLC

Profiles Plus LLC
488 S Ripley Boulevard
Alpena , MI

Profiles Plus LLC locations


Rouleau's Barber Shop Map and Directions

Rouleau's Barber Shop

119 W Washington Avenue
Alpena , MI

Rouleau's Barber Shop locations


Roy's Barber Shop Map and Directions

Roy's Barber Shop

207 W Chisholm Street
Alpena , MI

Roy's Barber Shop locations


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Barber Shops in Alpena MI has never been easier to find.

These days, the phrase "barber" is used both as an established name and to consult stylists who are dedicated to gents hair. Traditionally, all stylists were regarded barbers. In the Last millennium, the occupation of cosmetology extended off from barbering, and these days stylists may be certified as either barbers or cosmetologists. Barber Shops change with regard to where they perform, which services they are certified to provide, and what name they use to consult themselves. Part of this language distinction is determined by the rules in a given place.

Different declares in the US differ on their work and certification laws and regulations. For example, in Doctor, a cosmetologist cannot use a immediately blade, totally set aside for barbers. In comparison, in New Nj both are controlled by the Condition Panel of Cosmetology and there is no more a lawful distinction in barbers and cosmetologists, as they are released the same certificate and can exercise both the art of immediately blade cutting, colors, other substance perform and haircutting if they select.

In Contemporary australia, the formal phrase for a barber is hairdresser; barber is only a well-known name for gents stylists, although not as well-known now as it was in the center of the Last millennium. Most would perform in a hairdressing beauty hair beauty shop.

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